As you know, at ÓNÍSÌ PARIS, we love jewelry with a story. Not only do we love that the jewelry carries its own story before marking yours, but we also love its symbolism. Whether it is the gemstones that adorn them or their design, jewels can say something special about themselves but also about you.

Therefore, the jewelry itself but also the way you wear IT can be fraught with meaning. Nowadays, wearing a ring on your ring finger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re married, but the finger on which you decide to wear the ring can say a lot about you. Whether it simply illustrates your aesthetic sense, it can also say something deeper.

Ring on the thumb

In Ancient Rome, wearing rings on the thumb was a sign of distinction and power. On the other hand, in China, it was a symbol of belonging to a military rank. Currently, it is used as an aesthetic trait and is said to symbolize familial attachment or a introverted personality.

Ring on the index finger

It’s the one we use to point out and denotes command. It was used centuries ago by men to demonstrate their social position, very common in the case of kings and priests. The focus of the kisses of the subjects as a sign of submission and respect.

Currently, the index finger is associated with the planet Jupiter. So wearing a ring would signify leadership, ambition, and self-confidence.


Ring on the middle finger

Balance and responsibility. The middle finger is located in the center, so it is associated with a fair and emotionally stable person. It is also said to represent the difference between good and evil, depending on which hand you use it in.




Ring on the ring finger

It was believed that a vein went directly to the heart (‘vena amoris’) through this finger. The current use of the engagement ring on the ring finger can be traced back to this myth. For Catholicism, it would correspond, as in the sign of the cross, to the name of the Father (thumb), of the Son (index finger) and of the Holy Spirit (middle finger) and the ring finger would correspond to the word amen.

Nowadays, it symbolizes affective, familial, loving relationships, and – depending on the culture – it is carried on a different finger. For instance, in Spain, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand, from the proposal until the wedding day. On that day, the engagement ring is transferred to the left hand, and the wedding band is placed on the right hand.

Ring on the pinky finger

In ancient times it was associated with wealth, without opulence, as it was the smallest finger. Over the years, it has had different meanings, from belonging to a group, whether it was a noble family, the gay community or even organized crime groups. Others say it is the representation of singledom, since the ring is put on the smallest finger of the hand.

Whether you wear your ring on a specific finger because of its meaning or simply because of the way it looks that way, now you know the added layer of symbolism attached to each finger!