Gold and 1.5ct diamond pendant “Solange”


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This new TransfÓ or transformation by ÓNÍSÌ PARIS is an anrique 18-carat gold brooch from the 50s transformed into a pendant. It features an original eye motif formed by two intersecting lines in a “basket” pattern, at the heart of which are set two diamonds. The bottom diamond is an exceptional 1.5 carat diamond, VSI1 color K (slightly tinted), brilliant-cut, and a 0.1 carat diamond at the top of the pendant, of similar clarity and color. A unique and exceptional piece with an incredible fire, to adopt without delay to give it a new life.
Dimensions: length 3.8cm, width 1.2cm
Gross Weight: 4.95g
Eagle Hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The Story: A classic of the 40s and 50s, the basket style is characterized by a twist pattern reminiscent of a wicker basket. A perfect example of the finesse of goldsmith’s work, the braided appearance of gold gives it multiple facets that allow it to reflect light and bring exceptional shine.