Gold and aquamarine pendant “Celia”


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Sumptuous pendant of the late nineteenth century in 18 carat gold set with an exceptional aquamarine size marquise of 5 carats. The outline of the stone is chiseled and decorated with motifs evoking a rope (below the ram), a fleur-de-lys at the bottom of the pendant and faceted points.
Length: 3.47cm
Width: 2cm
Weight: 3.83g
Eagle hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.
The story: belonging to the beryl family like emeralds, aquamarines take their name from the Latin “aqua marina”, meaning “sea water”. It is therefore natural that they have earned the reputation of calming the waves and providing safety to sailors going offshore. Over time, the stone associated with the natives of March has also taken the name of “stone of lovers” because it is reputed to facilitate communication in couples, soothing tensions and tempestuous “waves”.