Gold and cameo dormeuses earrings “Adeline” 


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Sublime pair of dormeuses earrings or “sleepers” from the late nineteenth century set with two small cameos on a shell surrounded by a pattern in chiseled 18 carat gold. A pair of sumptuous earrings so light they can be worn on a daily basis.
Dimensions: 0.8cm wide X 1.6cm high with clasp
Weight: 1.15g
18 carat gold hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.
The story: The term cameo is borrowed directly from the Italian Cameo which has the same origin as the word camaïeu (a gradient of colors of the same tone). The first cameos date back to Greece and Ancient Rome. They displayed images of gods and goddesses, heroes, rulers, religious figures and significant events. These original and two-tone gems are based on the art of glyptic or art of cutting stone. Cameos can be cut from a two-tone stone such as chalcedony (the background set back in orange and the motif highlighted in white) or, more rarely but according to the same principle, engraved on a shell.