Gold and ruby pendant “Lilly”


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Lovely medal of the nineteenth century in 18 carat yellow gold, set with a brilliant-cut ruby of 0.1 carat. This sublime piece honors the natives of July, being engraved with the word “July” in French (“Juillet”) as well as the birthstone of this month: the ruby. A foliage motif engraved in the center of the medal completes this highly symbolic and elaborate design, as does the perimeter of the medal, decorated with foliage motifs.
Diameter: 2cm
Ram length: 0.4 cm
Weight: 1.44g
Eagle hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.
The story: by its fiery fire color, many cultures associate ruby with passion. In India, legend has it that its color comes from an internal fire that cannot be extinguished. In Asia, ruby often evokes protection and was worn by warriors and rulers for this purpose. Among Christians, it represents the blood of Christ and adorned the rings of cardinals. July birthstone, this intense red stone also symbolizes passionate love and 35 years of marriage.

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