Gold and sapphire bee pendant “Meila”


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This new TransfÓ or transformation signed ÓNÍSÌ PARIS is an 18k antique brooch from the XIXth century transformed into a pendant. Featuring a bee motif set with a 0,2 carat sapphire, it rests on a gold bar, shimmering like a bright frame. A unique piece with a unique symbolism.
Dimensions: 2cm X 2,1cm
Weight: 1,76g
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The Story: Across cultures and times, bees have symbolized harmony, diligence, and the interconnectedness of life, serving as reminders of the profound relationship between humanity and nature. In ancient Egypt, they were associated with royalty and the divine, often depicted as messengers of the gods and symbols of immortality. In Greek mythology, bees were linked to the goddess Artemis and the nymph Melissa, embodying concepts of community, and fertility. In Celtic folklore, bees were seen as mediators between the human world and the spirit realm, signifying wisdom and transformation.