Gold and turquoise pendant “Octavia”


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Exceptional pendant of the 60s composed of a double turquoise cabochon of 9 carats surrounded by a 14 carat gold band. The turquoise of a milky and homogeneous pastel blue contrasts with the warmth of the gold that halos it. A minimalist piece with a soothing color.
Length: 1.6cm
Width: 1,1cm
Weight: 2.34g
Gold hallmark 585 (14K)
This unique piece had a previous life in the UK.
The story: Turquoise, derived from the ancient French word “Turkish stone” owes its name to the erroneous belief that it came to Europe through Turkey, although its origins extend to regions such as Persia, Egypt, and the American Southwest. Revered as a sacred stone by Native American cultures, turquoise is a symbol of protection, wisdom and positive energy. Its captivating shades of blue and green evoke the colors of the sky and sea, creating a link between nature and spirituality.