Gold bead necklace “Lorelai”


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Sublime necklace of the 80s formed by a chain featuring 8 gold beads and a central tassel held by a ninth larger bead and at the end of which are three more beads. A jewel full of flexibility and femininity, which hugs the neck and plays with the light for a most charming effect.
Total chain length: 42cm
Length of the tassel: 2,5cm
Diameter of the gold beads: 0.2cm (0.4cm for the central bead)
Weight: 3.6
Hallmark Gold 750
This unique piece had a previous life in Italy.
The story: 18-carat gold is characterized by the presence of 750 grams of gold per 1000 grams of precious metal. Silver, copper and palladium complement this alloy in different proportions depending on the desired color. This ratio, which has become the standard for gold jewelry in France and Italy, allows a perfect balance between resistance and malleability of the material, which can thus be worked according to sophisticated patterns such as the golden pearl chains of this sumptuous necklace.