Gold cartouche pendant “Kephren”


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Sublime pendant from the 60s in 18 carat gold representing an openwork Egyptian cartouche engraved with symbols such as Nefertiti and the sphinx. A piece that catches the light and which contours draw themselves on the skin for an effect unique to the person wearing it.
Pendant length: 3.1cm without bail, 2.8cm with bail.
Width: 0.8 cm
Weight: 1.47g
Egyptian gold hallmark.
This unique piece had a previous life in Egypt.

The story: Egyptian cartouches were used in the art and writing of ancient Egypt to frame the names of pharaohs or high-ranking individuals. It symbolizes eternity and the importance of the person whose name is inscribed inside. Here, the vulture is a symbol of the goddess of Nekhbet, a deity who symbolized pharaonic protection, while the lion has become the symbol of valour transferred to the person of the Pharaoh and considered the “guardian” par excellence.