Gold drop earrings “Laurena”


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This sublime pair of 18-carat gold drop earrings dates from the 70s and consists of a bead-shaped stud earring to which a drop of gold is attached. Suspended on a movable ring, it dances with every movement, bringing exceptional brilliance and a play of light. A refined piece to wear to complete your most sophisticated outfits or bring a touch of elegance to your everyday looks.
Length: 2.2cm
Weight: 1.25g
Hallmark 750 gold
This unique piece had a previous life in Italy.

The story: 18-carat gold is characterized by the presence of 750 grams of gold per 1000 grams of precious metal. Silver, copper and palladium complete this alloy in different proportions depending on the desired color. This ratio, which has become the standard for gold jewelry in France and Italy, allows a perfect balance between malleability of the material, which can thus be worked according to sophisticated patterns, and resistance. Once cooled, the jewel is indeed more resistant than a 24-carat gold jewel, less flexible and less prone to scratches.