Gold, Emerald and Diamond Pendant “Willow”


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This new TransfÓ or transformation signed ÓNÍSÌ PARIS is a 19th century 18-carat gold tie pin transformed into a pendant. Set with a 0.2-carat garden green emerald, it features a swirl pattern formed by two shimmering yellow gold lines and two white gold scrolls each set with a small 8×8 diamond. A delicate and refined piece that lets its vibrant central gem shine.
Length: 1.8cm with bail, 1.4cm without.
Width: 1cm
Weight: 1.25g
Eagle hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The story: Emerald, a bright green gemstone, gets its name from the Greek word “smaragdus,” meaning green. Emeralds are often characterized by natural inclusions called “garden”, which give them a unique and lively appearance. This fascinating gem was particularly prized by Cleopatra, the legendary queen of ancient Egypt, who considered it her favorite stone and adorned her royal jewelry with it. Cleopatra also owned emerald mines near the Red Sea, which contributed to the fame of this gemstone in ancient times, making it a symbol of power and timeless beauty.