Gold, sapphire, pearls and opal pendant “Adelaïde”


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This beautiful pendant is a new TransfÓ or transformation signed ÓNÍSÌ PARIS. It originally was an 18-carat yellow gold bar brooch from the 19th century adorned with a bee, set with a sublime Verneuil sapphire, fine pearls and a breathtaking 2-carat oval cabochon opal. It has now been transformed into a beautiful pendant with an invisible bail, making it both one-of-a-kind yet easy to wear.
Dimensions: 1.7 high by 2.1cm wide
Weight: 1.79g
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The story: Queen Victoria was a lover of opals, of which she restored the popularity by wearing fabulous jewels set with these stones from Australia. During her various diplomatic meetings, all eyes were on her jewels, which were set with them and which quickly made opal an object of desire throughout Europe. Associated with the natives of the month of October, opals are appreciated for their iridescent beauty and the virtues associated with them. They are said to stimulate creativity and inspiration and protect those who wear them.