Gold scarab pendant “Khepra”


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Sparkling handcrafted 18k gold pendant, depicting the lucky symbol of the beetle. Small and delicate, this pendant can be worn as a charm on a bracelet or around the neck, alone or combined with other pendants.
Length: 1.5 cm with bail, 1.1 cm without bail
Width: 0.6 cm
Weight: 0.7g
Egyptian Hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in Egypt.

The Story: The Egyptian Scarab is an ancient good luck charm. In Egyptian mythology, it is associated with the god Khepri. The creator god Ra is said to have taken this form to create the sun. Today, the beetle is used as a lucky amulet. It attracts good luck and prosperity, and its connection to the sun that rises every day also makes it a symbol of eternal life.