You and Me ring in gold, diamond and ruby “Lillia”


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This exquisite ring from the nineties in 18 carat gold is both delicate and eye catching. Its minimalistic “You and Me” design combines a 0,1 carat diamond and a 0,2 carat ruby.

  • Size: FR 50 – UK K 1/2 – US 5,5
  • Weight: 0.78g
  • Eagle head hallmark

This unique piece had a previous life in Germany and France.

The story: the first famous You and Me ring was the one offered by Napoleon Bonaparte to Joséphine de Beauharnais in betrothal. Since then, this ring model has been a classic of engagement rings, symbolizing the two hearts ready to unite forever. Depending on the stones that are associated with each other, one can personalize the symbolism of the ring: here, the diamond, symbol of eternity, unites with the ruby, symbol of passion. One can also chose to refer to the symbolism of birthstones. It is then the month of April (diamond) and July (ruby) that unite through this ring.

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