Tutti frutti gold drop earrings “Lyna”


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Sublime pair of 80s earrings in 18k rose gold in a tutti frutti style. Each of the earrings forms a cluster adorned with 8 tassels set with fine stones: a pastel tutti frutti of oval-cut citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, peridot, smoky topaz and aquamarine in a bezel setting. A constant play of light and colour that illuminates the face.
Length: 6.7cm
Weight: 9.35g
Hallmark gold 750.
This piece has had previous lives in France.

The story: Although not tied to a particular era, tutti frutti style jewelry pieces gained popularity from the mid-twentieth century onwards and are characterized by a mixture of at least three different colored gemstones for a harmonious and cheerful multicolored effect. The most common are tutti frutti with bright primary colors and often featuring the 4 traditional gemstones (ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green and diamond white) and pastel tutti frutti, featuring fine stones in colors ranging from yellow to purple to tangy green and pink.