Yellow and white gold diamond ring “Ilaria”


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Sublime ring from the 70s in 18 carat gold consisting of two intertwined rings, one in yellow gold and the other in yellow gold set with 7 diamonds on white gold. The diamonds, weighing 0.1 carat, VVSI clarity and brilliant white, are spaced with inserts in the white gold, allowing each diamond to express the brilliance of its exceptional fire.
Please note that due to its design, this ring cannot be resized.
Size: FR 51 / UK L / US 5.75
Weight: 7.73g
Gold hallmark 750
This unique piece had a previous life in Italy.

The story: Fruits of a mineral formation initiated 3 billion years ago at a depth of 160km under the Earth, diamonds are symbols of eternity in more ways than one. Their name comes from the ancient Greek “adamas” which means “indomitable” because they are one of the hardest natural materials on Earth. This resistance gives them this association with eternity and has made it the eternal and immutable symbol of love, strength and purity.