The Trilogy ring is a real tribute to the beauty and refinement of women. With its three stones – originally three diamonds – this type of ring catches the eye. Each stone has its own particularity. The Trilogy ring is commonly associated with time: past, present and future.  Nevertheless, the interpretation can be extended to other “triptychs”: Beauty, strength and wisdom; Man, heaven and Earth; The head, the heart and the mind


Through the interpretation of time, the Trilogy ring marks the three fundamental stages of a couple’s life. Having a deep meaning, it is often offered to celebrate an engagement or a wedding. Some models feature different sized stones, with a central stone more imposing than the two framing it. Beyond engagements and weddings, the Trilogy ring lends itself today to many occasions with designs and models that reinvent themselves endlessly.


All combinations of stones are now possible, as are the layout and shape. The Trilogy set with three different colored stones are also very fashionable and allow to play on the symbolism of each stone. For instance, you can convey the sense of  eternity for the diamond, loyalty for the sapphire or passion for the ruby. Finally, this model can also adapt to all outfits and allows each woman to opt for the style that suits her best.