Gold and diamond ring “Arya”


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This graphic ring of the 90s in 18 carat gold set with a line of 5 brilliant cut diamonds in the shape of a lightning ray combines refinement and minimalism for maximum impact. Its design that evokes the lightning of love at first sight at first sight catches the eye immediately.

  • Size FR 51 / UK M / US 5.75
  • Weight 1,47g
  • Eagle hallmark

This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The story: lightning has captivated since the dawn of time and many cultures have associated it with a God, from Seth in Egypt to Thor in Nordic mythology, to the famous Zeus wielding a lightning bolt. A symbol of enlightenment and power, it also marks a key moment in everyone’s life, a moment after which nothing is the same. In this respect, we know it for a more sentimental connotation: love at first sight. An encounter with one’s soulmate after which nothing will ever be the same.