Gold and jet Tiki pendant “Tawhiri”


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Sublime 18k gold pendant from the 70s depicting a tiki. Formed from a jet cylinder, it is surrounded by an open work in chiseled gold representing the face of a guardian, a Polynesian deity. An ancient lucky talisman to keep close to your heart on a daily basis.
Length: 2cm without bail and 3cm with.
Width: 0,6cm
Gross weight: 1.12 g
Eagle hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in Polynesia.

The Story: Polynesian tikis are traditional carvings found in the islands of Polynesia, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand. They have significant cultural and spiritual significance in Polynesian societies, representing gods, ancestors, or guardians. Often depicted in the form of a pendant, they symbolize protection, fertility or connection to ancestors. Tiki pendants are characterized by a stone cylinder covered with a chiseled gold motif representing a guardian or deity. It then becomes a talisman full of mystery and energy, recalling the timeless links between man and nature, between past and present. This is Tiki made from a jet stone, a millenial organic stone believed to possess protective and grounding energies, often worn as talismans to ward off negative energy and promote emotional stability.