Gold and pink amethyst heart pendant “Carlina”


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Sublime 80s pendant in 18k yellow gold set with a 2-carat heart-cut pink amethyst from France set in claw. A romantic piece in a delicate pastel color enhanced by the warmth of gold, to be worn on a thin chain around the neck.
Length: 1.5cm with bail, 1cm without.
Width: 0.8cm
Weight: 1.44g
Gold hallmark 750
This unique piece had a previous life in Italy.

The story: Amethyst, a captivating purple gem, is often associated with clarity of mind, spiritual growth, and protection. Its rich purple hue has historically been linked to royalty and nobility, symbolizing power and wealth. In terms of love, amethyst is particularly linked to Valentine’s Day. It is said that Valentine’s Day wore a ring adorned with an amethyst engraved with a Cupid, a symbol of love and passion. Nowadays, amethyst is believed to foster a deeper, more authentic connection between partners, encouraging emotional balance, sincerity, and calm demeanor.