Gold tutti frutti and diamond pendant “Aurelia”


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Sublime pendant from the 60s in 18 carat gold formed by a ribbon set with oval and brilliant-cut gems. A lagoon blue aquamarine, buttercup yellow citrine, tangy green peridot and indigo amethyst come together around a white gold band set with a small 8X8 diamond while another yellow gold band brings warmth and light to this joyful composition.
Length: 2cm
Width: 0.8cm
Weight: 1.29g
750 gold hallmark.
This unique piece had a previous life in Italy.

The story: Although they are not attached to a particular era, tutti frutti style jewelry pieces gained popularity from the middle of the twentieth century and are characterized by a mixture of at least three different colored gemstones for a harmonious and joyful multicolored effect. We most often distinguish tutti frutti in bright primary colors and often including the 4 traditional precious stones (red of ruby, blue of sapphire, green of emerald and white of diamond) and tutti frutti pastels, featuring fine stones in colors ranging from yellow to purple through acid green and pink.