Gold and white sapphire earrings “Alina”


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Sublime pair of 18-carat gold stud earrings from the 70s featuring a quilted square motif in the center of which are two brilliant-cut white sapphires of 0.15 carats set in prongs. An elegant and sophisticated piece for everyday wear.
Dimensions: 0.7cm X 0.7cm
Weight: 0.86g
Eagle hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The story: One of the first earrings in history, stud earrings are characterized by a unique precious metal design or a gem set on a straight shank. Originally the prerogative of men, from the nobility of Egypt and Ancient Greece to Imperial China, then of rebels when the Catholic Church forbade their wearing in medieval times, earrings only became a feminine accessory late in life. Now considered unisex, these stud earrings will adorn you whatever your style.