Gold, sapphire and diamond pendant “Dahlia”


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Delicate rhombus-shaped 18k gold pendant featuring a 0.1 carat princess-cut sapphire in a bezel setting with 8 0.01 carat brilliant-cut diamonds. A delicate piece to wear around the neck or as a charm on a bracelet.
Length: 1.5cm with bail, 0.9cm without
Width: 0.9cm
Weight: 0.50g
Gold hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in Turkey

The story: The Greeks already knew about sapphire in 480 BC, which they imported from Sri Lanka, hence the fame of the “Ceylon Sapphires”. Since then, many cultures have adopted it, such as the Catholic Church, for whom the celestial color of sapphire represents a closeness to the kingdom of God. In Asia, Buddhists dedicate the stone to the gods, a guide in meditation and a bringer of peace and happiness.