The reasons to acquire an antique jewel are multiple, and reflect very personal sensibilities and values. However, there may be more reasons than you imagined. If you have read our article on the  impact of jewelry on the environment, you already know one of the reasons. Discover the others in this article.


By chosing an antique or vintage precious jewel, you purchase a valuable piece at a price related to its intrinsic value. You value the know-how related to its creation.

Today, gold and precious stones such as diamonds are becoming scarce. Therefore, only brands with a luxury positioning can offer 18 carat gold and fine or precious stones. That is why in addition to paying the intrinsic value of the jewel, you pay for the price of the luxury brandl.

Making the choice of second hand, is to put the intrinsic value of the jewel  at the heart of your purchasing decision.

Beyond their manufacture in noble materials, vintage jewelry is  crafted according to a lost and manual know-how. Indeed, the  metals but also the stones that set antique pieces, until the early twentieth century, were hand-cut. A diamond and lapidary know-how now replaced by modern techniques and tools. This manual work, which is as much a technique as an art, gives  a charm and a different value to vintage jewelry.


In terms of precious stones, technological developments today make it possible to obtain a high level of purity from an imperfect stone. These techniques were previously impossible.

Indeed, the techniques of heating and oiling precious stones have been a common practice for the longest time. The objective of these techniques is to  strengthen the vibrancy of color gems and “erase” defects and inclusions perceptible to the naked eye.

Nevertheless, today, to these traditional techniques have been added a battery of new techniques. For example, laser to remove inclusions within a stone, especially diamonds, or inclusion filling . There are also coloring techniques for diamonds to improve the perception of their color. For example, coloring the girdle of a diamond with a slight purple hue to correct a yellow tint.

However,we must note that in the most remote times, there were techniques to improve the visual appearance of a stone. For example the “doublet” or “triplet”, consisted in inserting a strip of fine stone between two pieces of glass to increase their depth. Another ancient jewelry trick was to put aluminum foil behind a diamond or even a piece of glass to increase its fire and brilliance. However, these rather crude old techniques are easily detectable. It is not the case with recent techniques, which can often only be detected using expensive tests at gemological institutes.


This is probably one of the first reasons that comes to mind when talking about antique jewelry, and that’s why we only mention it here. Indeed, anyone who thinks of acquiring a jewel is potentially sensitive to the aesthetics of the jewel but also to its history.

An vintage jewel tells the story of its time through a design that is often characteristic. A scarab pendant will refer to the movement “Egyptomania” of the XIXth century, a cocktail ring at the time of prohibition, a tank ring will transport us to the 40s.

An antique or vintage jewel can also refer to the history of its previous owners, as is the case with sentimental jewelry. The latter, particularly popular in Britain during  the reign of Queen Victoria, were characterized in particular by the use of hair of the person remembered. Other sentimental jewels are engraved with the name of a loved one or with a personal message.

Finally, at ÓNÍSÌ PARIS, we are very sensitive to the geographical origin of the jewelry. This notion allows us to showcase the cultural diversity of the jewelry world. From one country to another, the metals used differ, as  do the techniques used and the designs favored. Examples include the chiseled gold technique in Croatia, the symbolic motifs of ancient Egypt, such as the snake, which have inspired the West for centuries, or the “weekly” style of jewelry in North Africa.

Buying a vintage jewel is therefore also offering yourself a journey through time and space.


If je allows you to express your style and personality, a vintage jewel allows you to do it in a way as unique as you. Each piece is unique and even two pieces of similar style will remain unique since their history is not duplicated.

For all jewelry lovers eager to assert their personality like no one else, an antique jewel is an obvious choice.

Nevertheless, an vintage jewel is also an excellent choice for a personalized and meaningful giftWith an antique jewel, one can convey a very personal message to the person for whom it is intended.
For example, the You and Me style rings, characteristic of the XIXth century, combine two stones symbolizing two people. Through the two stones, one can convey a tailor-made message. A ruby and a diamond can both signify passion and eternity.
It can also refer to the birthstones of July (ruby) and April (diamond). We can also make a nod to the person to whom we offer the jewel with its era.  For example, a coin dating back to the 60s to refer to a year of birth.  Symbolize  a year of marriage with a ring from the 80s…
Finally, the origin of the jewel can make the link with the origins of the person. For instance, with a ring made of a Mexican peso for a person with origins in this country.

When we talk about a unique jewel like you, it’s not just a rhetorical formula. A vintage jewel can really be unique like you.


This last reason is so vast that we have dedicated an entire article to it. Indeed, the gold industry is one of the most deleterious in the world. Buying a vintage jewel is therefore making a beautiful gesture for yourself and for the planet.
We will let you discover why buying vintage jewelry is even better for the planet than you think.

If you are here, you are probably already sensitive to one or more of the reasons mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, we hope that it will have highlighted all the beauty and interest behind the purchase of antique jewelry. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us!