Gold Ankh Cross Pendant “Nile”


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Stunning 18k gold pendant from the 50’s depicting the Ankh cross and decorated with hieroglyphics. Small and delicate, this handles cross can be worn as a charm on a bracelet or around the neck, alone or combined with other pendants.
Length: 2.2 cm with bail, 1.6 cm without bail
Width: 0.9 cm
Weight: 0.8g
Egyptian Hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in Egypt.

The Story: The Ankh, also known as Anokh, ansée cross, cross of life, key of life, Egyptian cross or Nile cross, is a hieroglyph representing the word “life”. The Egyptians believed that their sojourn on Earth was only a part of a greater eternal life. The cross of life, therefore, symbolizes not only mortal existence on Earth, but also their immortal existence in the afterlife.