Gold, sapphire and diamond necklace “Luna”


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This new TransfÓ or transformation signed ÓNÍSÌ PARIS is an old tie pin of the nineteenth century converted into a necklace. The pendant, an 18-carat gold crescent moon set with a deep blue Ceylon sapphire and two brilliant diamonds, is held by a thin 18-carat gold chain. A sublime piece showcasing a moon as shimmering as its gold chain.
Length of the chain: 38,3 cm.
Pendant dimensions: 1cmx1cm
Weight: 1,99g
Eagle hallmark.
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The story: The crescent moon is a meaningful symbol in many cultures, from India to China to Greco-Roman mythology. In Chinese culture, the moon represents the female deity and embodies sweetness and clarity. According to the Hindu religion, the crescent moon brings fertility and birth, and the crescent moon is therefore worn to improve fertility. This symbolism is shared by the Greco-Romans because Artemis, goddess of nature and hunting but also of birth, was associated with the moon, as opposed to her brother Appollo, God of the Sun.