Gold diamond and amethyst trilogy ring “Romy”


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Sublime trilogy ring from the 80s in 18k gold set with two diamonds and an amethyst. The two brilliant-cut diamonds are each 0.05 carats and are of VVSI1 clarity and F color (i.e. colorless). The central amethyst, also brilliant-cut, measures 0.3 carats and is a deep royal purple. Two gold interlacing entwines the three stones, to form a jewel made of voluptuous curves.
Size: FR 55/ UK O/ US 7.5
Weight: 1.9g
Eagle Hallmark
This unique piece had a previous life in France.

The story: It is worth talking here about the history of the triology ring but also about the amethyst. With its three stones, the Trilogy ring is a ring with a strong symbolism, commonly associated with time: the past, the present and the future. The interpretation can be extended to other “triptychs”: beauty, strength and wisdom; Man, Heaven and Earth; the head, the heart and the mind… If we retain the symbolism of time, the Trilogy ring marks the three fundamental stages of a couple’s life and therefore lends itself particularly well to an engagement ring full of meaning. The diamond, symbol of eternity for centuries, and the amethyst stone with a meaning closely linked to love, are therefore stones of choice for this ring. Indeed, Saint Valentine of Terni, Patron Saint of lovers since the 15th century, wore an amethyst around his neck. In addition, amethyst adorned the pastoral ring, a gold ring mounted with an amethyst as a sign of faithfulness.